ADHD Help for Adults and Teens

A few facts about many people with ADhD:

  • ​Unique brain wiring – knowledge of being different
  • Of average or above average intelligence – difficulty in passing tests
  • Very creative – think outside the box
  • Live in extremes – difficulties balancing life
  • Think more negative than positive thoughts – often about self
  • Socially awkward – sense of not fitting in anywhere​​​
  • Must have fun – feel overwhelmed or stuck if pressured or bored
  • Can be passive – difficulty with boundaries
  • Talks a lot or not enough


​As Rick Green says, ”You can suffer from ADHD or you can just have it.”

I don’t believe that ADHD is an ”attention deficit”. People with ADHD can focus on things they enjoy for hours and do an amazing job. 

The definition of disorder is: a state of confusion. Tiresome days of mess and disorder. 

When I am being myself and doing things my way, at my own pace, I am energized and productive.

When I am forced to use my Super Brain in an average way, then I may have a disorder.

Client Testimonials

“It blew me away, how much you helped me to understand things that had mystified me for years.”

“It almost feels like I’m a new person./Thank you for leading me in the right direction.”

“I was not treated generally but very specifically for who I am and what I need.”

​”You know so much about ADHD! We really value your knowledge and insight. You understand!”

“Finally someone who understands!”